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Welcome to my web group "Deens Group" from Japan. Since January 15 2002.
This web group presents culture, friendship, airplane and house from Japan.
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国際交流 / International Cultural Exchange

Japanese Version
Deens World Com 国際交流サイト
(Since Feb 1 2010)
English Version
Deens Japan Friendship Site
This is international community site from Japan. Moreover, there are my friends in the world in this site. This site is a starting point to the world of my friendship.
(Since Apr 24 2005)

English Version
Deens Wonder Japan
This blog is sent to the world by my point of view of a culture and the latest situation concerning Japan. I publish a lot of themes. Please enjoy!
(Since Jan 1 2010)

飛行機 / Airplane

Japanese Version
Deens SKY
(Since Oct 2 2009)
Japanese Version
Deens SKY 航空機写真館
(Since Oct 14 2013)

住宅 / House

Japanese Version
Deens House Advice
(Since Jan 15 2002)
English Version
The Designer's House Advice
This page introduces the housing situation of Japan in an actual the photograph, and the drawing. You interested in the Japanese culture must look.
(Since Apr 24 2005)

Deens Group History

November 19, 2016 ・The Designer's House AdviceをDeens Japan Houseに名称変更、及び、サイトデザインのリニューアル
・Name change of "The Designer's House Advice - English version" to "Deens Japan House", and site renewal.
November 10, 2016 ・設計士の住宅アドバイスをDeens House Adviceに名称変更、サイトデザインのリニューアル、及び、URLの変更(
・Name change of "The Designer's House Advice - Japanese version" to "Deens House Advice", site renewal and URL is changed (
October 26, 2014 ・サイトリニューアル (Deens SKY)
・Site renewal (Deens SKY)
October 14, 2013 ・新ブログ開設(Deens SKY 航空機写真館)(
・New blog was established (Deens SKY Photolibrary - Japanese version) (
January 15, 2012 ・Deens Group 10周年!
・The 10th anniversary of Deens Group!
November 7, 2010 ・Deens Groupのデザイン変更
・Design change of Deens Group
October 30, 2010 ・英語版サイト(Deens Japan Culture)を休止 (
・English version site was stopped (Deens Japan Culture) (
February 1, 2010 ・Deens Wonder JapanのURLを変更 (
・新サイト開設 (Deens World Com) (
・URL of Deens Wonder Japan is changed (http:/
・New site was established (Deens World Com) (
January 29, 2010 ・新ドメインを公開 (
・New domain was opened (
January 22, 2010 ・新ドメインを公開 (
・New domain was opened (
January 1, 2010 ・新ブログ(英語版)を開設 (Deens Wonder Japan) (
・New Blog was established (Deens Wonder Japan) (
December 12, 2009 ・新ドメインを公開 (
・設計士の住宅アドバイスのURLを変更 (
・Deens GroupのURLを変更 (
・Deens Japan Friendship SiteのURLを変更 (
・New domain was opened (
・URL of The Deisgner's House Advice (Japanese version) is changed (
・URL of Deens Group is changed (
・URL of Deens Japan Friendship Site is changed (
December 10, 2009 ・Deens World Friendship SiteをDeens Japan Friendship Siteに名称変更
・Name change of Deens World Friendship Site to Deens Japan Friendship Site
November 14, 2009 ・新英語版サイト開設 (Deens Japan Culture) (
・New English version site was established (Deens Japan Culture) (
November 7, 2009 ・Deens SKYが、Yahoo! Japanのカテゴリーに登録される
・Deens SKY was registered in the category of Yahoo! Japan
November 5, 2009 ・新サーバーに移転 (iSLEサーバー) ※現、GMOサーバー
・英語版サイト(The Designer's House Advice)をサブドメイン化 (
・設計士の住宅アドバイスをサブドメイン化 (
・新英語版サイト開設 (Deens World Friendship Site) (
・Deens Groupをグループの名前とする
・Moved to a new server (iSLE Server)
・Servers of all sites were combined into one
・The Deisgner's House Advice (English version) was changed to the subdomain (
・The Deisgner's House Advice (Japanese version) was changed to the subdomain (
・Site renewal (The Designer's House Advice - Japanese version)
・New English version site was established (Deens World Friendship Site) (
・The name of Deens Group was made (
October 2, 2009 ・新サイト開設 "Deens SKY" (
・New site was established "Deens SKY - Japanese version" (
October 1, 2009 ・新ドメインを公開 ""
・New domain ""
September 23, 2009 ・新ドメインを公開 ""
・New domain ""
September 3, 2008 ・新サーバーに移転 (Yahoo! Japan Webhosting)
・Moved to a new server (Yahoo! Japan Webhosting)
・Servers of the Japanese version and the English version were combined into one
June 6, 2005 ・ホームページにBGM設置
・BGM was set up in site
April 30, 2005 ・新サーバーに移転 (Yahoo! Japan Geocities)
・Moved to a new server (Yahoo! Japan Geocities)
April 24, 2005 ・英語版サイト開設 "The Designer's House Advice"
・English version site was established "The Designer's House Advice - English version"
January 15, 2003 ・新サーバーに移転
・新ドメインを公開 ""
・Moved to a new server
・New domain ""
November 23, 2002 ・フレーム表示に変更
・Changed to the frame display
November 19, 2002 ・新サーバーに移転 (DTI Server)
・Moved to a new server (DTI Server)
November 13, 2002 ・サイトをリニューアル
・Site was remodeled
January 15, 2002 ・サイト開設 "設計士の住宅アドバイス"(ジオシティーズ無料HP)
・Site was established "The Designer's House Advice - Japanese version" (Geocities Free HP)



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