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"About Deens Group"

(Deens Group)

Deens Groupは、北海道札幌市から発信しております

(Deens Group)
This is my web group. I am making the site by 3 themes. International cultural exchange, airplane, and house. And there are 7 sites with English version and Japanese version in my web group. The name "Deens" is my nick name and my domein name in the internet. This group and the sites is my personal hobby site. Please enjoy!

Deens Group is sent from Sapporo Hokkaido Japan.

Deens Group : https://deens.net

飛行機 / Airplane
Deens SKY : https://deens.info
Deens SKY 航空機写真館 : http://blog.deens.net

住宅 / House
Deens House Advice(日本語版) : https://house.deens.net
The Designer's House Advice(英語版) : https://design.deens.net

国際交流 / International Cultural Exchange
Deens World Com 国際交流サイト : http://deens-world.com
Deens Japan Friendship Site : http://www.deens.net
Deens Wonder Japan : http://deens-japan.com



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